Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sometimes a girl just needs a little pie...and so I made a berry pie in miniature.  Remembering back the fun
I had making pies when my granddaughters would spend the weekend with me, we always used these tiny
pie pans...just perfect for little girls hands to create a culinary masterpiece.
So, still having these cute little pie plates, they are now perfect for a one person pie.  This little piece of heaven is a blackberry, red raspberry and blue berry pie.
Wish you could stop by and enjoy a cup of tea, pie and an afternoon of just girl things that need to be discussed.

I also listed another purse in my Etsy shop...would love to have you stop by, I now have a whole whopping 3 items listed.  My shop name is:   RoseHillCottage1  .  I hated to have to add the 1, I would have preferred to have my blog and my etsy shop both have the same name, but there is already a RoseHillCottage on etsy.
If you can take the time to visit, please leave a message and let me know you were here.
I will be posting some lovely pictures of the Missouri Botanical Gardens soon....if you have never been, I know you will have your breath taken away by the beauty or the gardens.
x0x0x to all
Most sincerely,