Friday, August 16, 2013


I am so happy you clicked on my dolls....they give me such pleasure and perhaps you will find some inspiration here!!
At one time I made original porcelain dolls and my little 'friends' were featured in magazines, newspapers and I was even asked to be a featured artist on a television show.  Can you imagine? Everything was going along beautifully, my 'kids' were in shops and I was happy...but my mother passed away unexpectedly and as you can imagine, my world came to an abrupt halt.
After that, I stayed idle for about 3 years and was encouraged by my husband and daughter to get back into doing what I loved.
So, I made bears and cloth dolls.  They did extremely well on ebay and I was once again having fun, until my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 
It has been 2 years now since my sewing machine has hummed, but I did want to share a few of my dolls and I hope you enjoy them.
There are so many more, but the computer that had the pictures, crashed!!! So, I have but a few photos.
This little cutie is a cloth doll, made from my own pattern and I like to call them a 'pancake face' because there is no dimension except for the painting.  I created the pattern to have no center seam down the middle of the face, which I consider to be distracting....just me.
I did a series of darling little black children, all of which sold quickly on ebay.  Here is a sampling of some of them.  The baby above is in a gorgeous all silk antique christening gown I was fortunate enough to find at a local antique shop.
More little black children...all of my dolls have original handmade mohair wigs.
Ok, I know, I know...this isn't a doll but I did have fun creating peoples pets for a while.
I liked to put quotes on them that seem to fit the personality.  This quote is perfect for that cattitude some cats possess.  It is hand painted on the chest:
Perfect don't you think?
Some polymer clay fun...this is a fairy baby that was delicately wrapped in birch bark and leaves by her mommy, so no one could find her, while she went away for a while.  Sold on Ebay

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